Sterility Testing

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VRL’s traditional microbiology will isolate and identify most any potential bacteria or fungi within 10 business days. We utilize numerous varieties of media and analyzers which will detect hundreds of organisms from our available database.

Cell Lines, Culture Media, and Reagents
Your cell lines, culture media, and reagents can get contaminated with a number of bacteria and fungi without even knowing it. Don’t risk the hard work you’ve put into your research to have it all go to waste with bacterial and/or fungal contamination. Let VRL give your research a clean bill of health!

  • Aerobic culture for isolation
  • Anaerobic culture for isolation
  • Fungal culture for isolation

Water Testing
We follow EPA regulatory standard guidelines for water quality

  • Aerobic culture for isolation and colony counts
  • Coliforms

Environmental Testing
Confirm your cleaning procedures are adequate and followed properly

  • RODAC surface plating / isolation and identification
  • Surface Swabbing / isolation and identification
Test Code Tests
80736 RODAC Plate (Colony Count, Gram staining)
80737 Water Analsysis (Colony Count, Gram staining)
80738 Environmental Swab
80734 Identification of Bacterial Isolates
80624 Water testing for Pseudomonas aeruginosa