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VRL-Maryland New Location Announcement

Dear Clients, We are pleased to inform you that to accommodate the growing demand of our testing services, VRL-Maryland will be relocating our labs to a bigger and newer space. We will continue to offer the same dedicated services and quality. Please note that beginning on 01 August 2015, all samples should be shipped [...]

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Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease) PCR for dogs

VRL announces that we now have T. cruzi PCR available for testing canine samples: T.cruzi PCR    Test Code 8540    Specimen Requirements: 1.0 ml-2.0 ml EDTA whole blood Chagas disease is a parasitic infection caused by T. curzi, which is transmitted by triatomid insect vectors to vertebrate hosts. Natural T.cruzi infection has been reported in humans, primates, [...]

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BioReliance AHS Division Acquisition Announcement

VRL 7540 Louis Pasteur Drive Suite 200 San Antonio, TX 78229 Date : December 31, 2013 Dear all, We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired the business assets of BioReliance Animal Health Services based in Rockville, MD. BioReliance Animal Health Services have been a scientific leader in laboratory [...]

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Fatal atypical O:3 Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection in cynomolgus macaques.

Zao CL, Tomanek L, Hurtado-McClure G, Cooke A, Berger R, Boulineau TM, Turner OC, Covington DE.  Abstract Fatal Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection in cynomolgus macaques was diagnosed based upon pathology, microbiology and PCR for this study. Pathological findings included acute, erosive to ulcerative, necrohemorrhagic enterocolitis. Genotyping by PCR showed an O:3 pattern [...]

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New tests available for Chemistry and CBC

VRL is pleased to announce effective May 1, 2012 the launch of new ***Chemistry and CBC Testing Profiles***  5500 – Chem Profile I                                                         Specimen Requirements: 0.5 – 1.0 mL serum Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT, SGPT), Amylase, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Calcium, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Globulin, Glucose, Phosphorus, Total Bilirubin, Total Protein. 5501 – [...]

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Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease) ELISA and PCR Available

VRL annouces that we now have T. cruzi ELISA and PCR available for our clients. cruzi ELISA (Order code L154): Specimen requirements: 0.5 – 1.0 ml serum cruzi PCR (Order code 8540): Specimen requirements: 1.0 – 2.0 ml EDTA whole blood Chagas disease is a parasitic infection caused by T. curzi, which [...]

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Characterization of SRV-4 infected cynomolgus monkeys” is published in Arch Virol 2011; 156 (11): 2053-6

Virological and serological characterization of SRV-4 infection in cynomolgus macaques Zao CL, Ward JA, Tomanek L, Cooke A, Berger R, Armstrong K. The nature of SRV-4 infection in cynomolgus macaques remains unclear to date. Here, we report the monitoring of 24 cynomolgus monkeys that were naturally infected with SRV-4 for virus [...]

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SRV-4 complete genome is published in Virology 2010; 405 (2): 390-6.

The complete Genome and Genetic Characteristics of SRV-4 Isolated from Cynomolgus Monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) Zao CL, Armstrong K, Tomanek L, Cooke A, Berger R, Estep JS, Marx PA, Trask JS, Smith DG, Yee JL, Lerche NW. At least 5 serotypes of exogenous simian retrovirus type D (SRV/D) have been found in [...]

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SVV IgG Antibody Multiple Methodologies Available

VRL announces that we now have 3 methodologies available for our clients, for the detection of SVV (Simian Varicella Virus) IgG antibodies: SVV ELISA (Test code: L111; Specimen requirements: 0.5 – 1.0 ml serum) SVV IFA (Test code: F111; Specimen requirements: 0.5 – 1.0 ml serum) SVV DIA (Test code: 111; [...]

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